Blut Multiples
"Blue Multiples" 2009 - 14"x14" , Oil on Linen

Green Multiples
"Green Multiples" 2009 - 14"x14" , Oil on Linen

Orange Multiples
"Orange Multiples" 2009 - 14"x14" , Oil on Linen

Red Multiples
"Red Multiples" 2009 - 14"x14" , Oil on Linen


This exhibition began when I became acquainted with the Partnership of the Historic Bostons in Boston, Massachusetts, which is focused on the English Puritan history in the New World. A subsequent visit to Boston, Lincolnshire in 2005 helped me formulate an exhibition focused on evolution and genetics.

Inspired by the historical and cultural relationship of the two Bostons, where Boston, Massachusetts was founded and formed by Puritans leaving Boston, England, this exhibition celebrates the poetic connection of the two cities one growing from the other and of the two cities evolving in different directions. Symbolically part of the aesthetic expression of this exhibit, this body of work is presented in Boston, UK, our mother town.  This series of drawings offers opportunities for reflection on the complex and interlocking relationships created in the drawings and in the civilization we have built to sustain ourselves.

Click on each thumbnail to enlarge each panel.

The drawings are made from sheets of Reeves BFK cream colored paper that are 30x22” in dimension. They are ordered according to the Fibonacci series mathematical progression. That is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 13, etc. So the first two drawings of the series are one sheet of paper each with the next drawings being made up of two sheets which create a drawing 30x 44”, then three sheets, etc. The compositions of the first drawings in the series serve as models for the later drawings in the set thus providing an evolution of imagery from the first one panel drawing to the seventh drawing in the series that is made of 13 panels.

David Lloyd Brown © 2009